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Denver regularly ranks as one of the loneliest cities in the US - but that doesn't have to be the final word! God already has a built-in solution to this problem: The Church. For some of us, the church is a source of great hurt and for others a source of great healing - but for all of us it's God's design for us to live a vibrant Christian life. Will you help us create a safe place for people to know, trust and follow Jesus together?


In the New Testament, there's no such thing as a disciple (singular person) who is apart from the disciples (plural). Three primary ways we gather as Hope Valley are Sundays, Small Groups and Service teams... all of which are simple expressions of following Jesus together.

Unity > Uniformity

As a multi-multi church, we have the opportunity to reflect heaven in a very special way, but that will only happen if we're all willing to put the work in. 
This is not a new challenge, most of the books in the new testament are dedicated to helping people figure out how to walk with each other despite their differences. 

Overcoming Offense

I wish it could be different, but at some point all of us are going to be offended by our church family. How do we respond when that happens will determine our individual and corporate health as a church.


This could have gone in the "follow Jesus" section, but there's something incredible that happens when people are generous together- multiplication occurs. It's good for an individual to be generous, but when groups of people become generous the world can be transformed.

Building Relationships

The leadership team at Hope Valley is working hard to create space for you to connect with other people - but the key to the vibrant Christian life is learning how to cultivate relationships organically.