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As we follow Jesus with the people of God our life's purpose becomes even more clear: God has invited us to join Him in His mission of making all things new!  


Though has been expressed an infinite number of ways across time and space, the people of God have always been marked by their participation/cooperation in His mission.

You have Gifts!

God has generously distributed gifts throughout the church (his people) so that we can effectively join him in His mission. Are you aware of the gifts that He has given you? Do you know how those gifts can be expressed to reveal God's goodness?

You possess a treasure!

Sometimes the gospel can be so readily found in the United States that it becomes easy to take it for granted; but the gospel is the single greatest revelation that a person can possess.

The 4 E's

We have a 4 step discipleship process that we share with our larger Every Nation family; we affectionately refer to the process as the 4 E's. The 4 E's stand for Engage, Establish, Equip, Empower and act as a lens to help us be and make disciples.

9:38 Challenge

In Matthew 9:38, Jesus tells his disciples to pray for more laborers to enter the fields... will you join us in praying every day for new laborers? 


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