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Our Covid Response

Out of reverence to God, love for our neighbor and respect to the government we have decided to track with the Denver City guidelines to inform our re-gathering plan.

Denver's current status is YELLOW. This means that: 

  • We are meeting in Person. 
  • ZOOM is our primary service.

As the City re-opens, we will re-gather!

Here's a glimpse of what that will look like: 

Level Purple - ZOOM Church with your household

Level Red - ZOOM Church with your household or covid bubble

Level Orange - ZOOM Service AND #ChurchWithSomebody (group watch parties)

Level Yellow - We're meeting in person in a socially distanced and masked service! ZOOM service remains an option. 

Level Blue - Same as yellow, but with fewer limitations/restrictions.

Level Green - LET'S GOOOOOOOOO! 

Want to host a Watch Party? 

There's no formal process for becoming a host home - just invite some people you want to do church with and login. (cleaning your house is recommended, haha) Let us know if you want help hosting a watch party.