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Inspiring the next generation to KNOW, TRUST AND FOLLOW JESUS! 

Our mission at Hope Valley Youth is to help Middle and High Schoolers cultivate a life long relationship with Jesus! We create a safe environment where students can come to experience community, learn who God is and how He fits into their lives in a way that’s tailored specifically to them. We’re here to listen to them, love them and help them experience the fullness of life, peace and power that comes with following Jesus!


Sundays are an awesome and a super important part of church. We strive to make as big of an impact as possible so we may do things a bit differently than you may have experienced in the past. On the second and fourth Sundays of each month we have our youth break out service where students are dismissed from the main service for a youth specific message! During this time they cover the same verse as the main congregation but tailor made for them and whats happening in their lives. They are also lead in conversation with other students to help them engage in the content and each other. 

On the first and third Sundays, youth stay in for the adult service, because they are on their way to being adults and we want them to feel & experience the adult community & service. Don't worry, Pastor David isn't boring. On those Sundays we also have a “reserved for youth section for students to sit with one another and show the rest of the church that the next generation is here to change the world! 


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Hangouts are a time where students can create new friendships, have a ton of fun, and get encouraged for the week. We believe that having relationships with others is keep part of living the vibrant Christian life and we strive to create a space where students can cultivate those relationships! Our youth hangouts range from dodge ball, movie nights game nights, cookouts, even color fights. If you’d like more information about “Hangouts” please fill out the connect form under "Get Connected" above this section on the page.


Once a year Hope Valley Youth comes together with other Every Nation youth ministries from across the nation for Every Nation Youth Camp! This is an incredible week where students get the full camp experience as well as having an opportunity to draw closer to Jesus like never before. Over the years of going to camp we’ve seen students lives transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit and the life long relationships with other students who have also had a miraculous encounter with God. For more information about Every Nation Youth Camp please fill out the connect form under "Get Connected" above this section on the page.