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Hope Valley Kids exists to INSPIRE the next generation to Know, Trust and Follow Jesus

We fiercely believe that when we invite kids to Know, Trust & Follow Jesus; they will grow in:

  • Resilient Faith, as they develop a relationship with Jesus.

  • Conscience & Convictions, as they feel the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

  • Perspective & Security, as they develop an understanding of the Word.

  • Confidence in who they are & who God made them to be.

  • Self-Awareness & Self-Leadership as they make good choices.

  • Freedom from self-criticism, body shaming & toxic/anxious thoughts.

  • Peace in the midst of stressful seasons & school. 

  • Respect for parents & teachers.

  • Courage to stand up for what is right.

Sunday Morning Kids Service

Come experience Hope Valley Kids this Sunday During our 10:00 Service

Sunday Mornings are a packed with a  Kids Service of Worship, Bible Stories, Character Development & Interactive Games for PreK-5th grade. 

Your children’s healthy & safety is of the utmost importance to us.  We will follow all of the CDC guidelines and recommendations, both regarding COVID-19 and best practices for all childcare/education settings.

Beyond Sundays

On top of our epic Sunday Kids Service, HVKids has a kids discipleship/mentoring program & monthly game nights!

Summit is our kids discipleship/faith journey program!

It’s a year round program of gospel-centered videos that equip and empower our kids to follow Jesus & includes a weekly virtual kids-only small group to talk about what they learned!

You can check it out right here! 

Contact us for more info & to signup.

"HVKids Fun!" Is a monthly game moment. 

that ranges from an all-out Nerf “war” (pre-COVID) to a rowdy and virtual Among Us game or Virtual Scavenger Hunt on Zoom! This is a crazy, fun and relaxed way for our kids to meet more kids in the church and also build deeper connections with the awesome HVKids leaders! Whether it’s debating which Marvel superhero could beat Batman, talking about the latest Fornite update or just chatting about which chapter book they are enjoying...this is where what matters to your kid, matters to us...and we just have fun! For the next HVKids Fun Night, send us a note Point anchor: contact us!


What Time Does Check-In Open? (What time do I need to pick up?)

Kids classrooms open 15 minutes before the service! And we ask that people pick up their kids within 15 minutes of the end of the service. 

Are your classrooms allergy-friendly?

HVKids is home to several families with severe allergies (including Pastor David’s family) and we are passionate about accommodating any and all allergy needs.   For any snack questions, please email our kids director at  

When we are in-person, the nursery and preschool classes are offered Cherrios https://www.cheerios.com & VeggieStraws https://www.sensibleportions.com/products/classic-veggie-straws-with-sea-salt/ When we are in-person, the elementary class (1st-5th grade) are offered donuts from LaMar’s bakery. http://www.lamars.com

Can my child attend a sibling’s Sunday school class (for in-person classes)?

Siblings are welcome to attend a younger siblings class to help them get acclimated to the class.  We would prefer that younger siblings don’t attend the older siblings class because games, activities, discussion content & lessons are crafted for that age group.  We prefer for the older sibling to attend the younger siblings class, whenever possible.

Are you able to accommodate my child with special needs?

We want to accommodate you & your child, in whatever way we can. Our ability to help families with special needs will grow as the church grows. If you have specific questions, please email us at to plan your visit and let us know what kind of accommodations you need! Here is a list of the types of accommodations that we can provide:

  • Provide a buddy to a child with special needs so they can get the support that is needed to be integrated into the typical ministry program.
  • Provide special parking spots close to entrances for those who have children with special needs.
  • Provide a map of the best doors/ramp for wheelchair access.
  • Provide designated seating areas for children with severe allergies.
  • Provide noise-dampening ear muffs for those with sensitivity to loud music.
  • Provide a tour of the church & facilities, when crowds aren’t present, for those with anxiety.

Hope Valley Kids Lead Team

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